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Eight months ago, we set out on a journey. A journey to understand what attributes the highest performing S&H professionals possess. What differentiates them from the pack. 130 interviews (and counting) later, with some of the top thought leaders in our profession, we have some answers.


Stay tuned as we continue to build out the largest and most comprehensive qualitative research study the S&H profession has ever conducted. Seeking to answer the question: "What does every S&H professional need to know right now to lead their organization into the future?"


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Jason Kunz


Workplace safety regulators, safety professionals and leading business leaders often say they want to send people home from work in the same condition in which they arrived. While I believe that hope to be genuine, why would we ever settle for “same”? What if people could go home stronger, safer, and healthier, while also satisfied from their work? Let us show you how. 

Daily, Jason is a Cultural Excellence Evangelist at 3M, working at the front lines with operational leadership to drive a key cultural initiative, which now includes preventing the spread of Covid-19 across 200+ global sites. Outside the office, Jason is the Co-Founder and former Chairman of the Board for one of the fastest-growing charities in the Midwest, Best Christmas Ever (BCE), an Ambassador for lululemon, and in August 2019, he married the seven-time running “World’s Sexiest Woman”, and together they launched aftryou – a community of like-minded, high-performing couples on mission to redefine modern-day marriage.

He understands the challenges business leaders, non-profit leaders, HSE professionals, salespeople, and top performers face as he’s been in their shoes. He has a gift for connecting with any audience, bringing hard science and relatable story to his talks, and most importantly, driving sustainable change.


He’s been recognized as a top performer at 3M, a member of the American Industrial Hygiene Association (AIHA) Future Leaders Institute, and a recipient of the University of MN’s President’s Graduate Student Leadership Award. He’s a Certified Safety Professional (CSP) and a Certified Industrial Hygienist (CIH).


His energy is unavoidably contagious, his speaking inspiring, his mission, unequivocally clear – to entertain, educate, and empower every audience he’s privileged to engage with, and to do so until every worker is well.


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"The most powerful time to give thanks is when everyone else is complaining."

 - Jason Kunz



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