Breaking Through: Unlocking Your Highest Level of Performance

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Stay tuned for future sessions. New dates coming soon!

You are absolutely capable of achieving extraordinary results in all aspects of your life. Being capable and delivering on those results are often two very different things for most of us. 


This event is focused on unlocking the gifts that have always been inside you that can help you produce extraordinary results. To break through any disempowering belief that holds you back, to unleash your next level of performance!

Join us to learn:

1) The thought patterns and energy secrets of high performers

2) How to increase productivity and reach your goals 10x faster

3) Advanced communication skills to increase your ability to connect and influence

Speak with Certainty! How to Elevate Your Confidence and Enhance Your Presentations

*Available Virtually!

lululemon Mall of America
Stay tuned for future sessions. New dates coming soon!

Too often we focus on just “talking” & forget the purpose of speaking, which is to influence behavior & thought. I learned this lesson the hard way a few years ago, moving from being a high energy entertainer, to a thought provoking influencer of behavior. In my journey I learned that it isn’t about charisma or simply being high energy, because fluff is not enough. We need more substance. I learned there was a science to speaking with impact, to causing influence. A formula that if I practiced could make immediate impact in my life and those I work with.


This event is about beginning to unlock & unleash the voice inside you that can help produce extraordinary results in yours & others’ lives. To begin the process of adding certainty and confidence to your speaking. It’s about bringing far more than entertainment to all of life’s “stages”.


Join us to learn

1) Tangible practices to develop confidence as a speaker

2) The science behind memorable stories and unforgettable presentations

3) The tools professional speakers use to leave their audiences entertained AND empowered.

Leadership and Communication in HSE: Why It’s Everything *Available Live and Virtually!

 While sound technical and scientific knowledge is paramount in the HSE profession, organizations demand strong leadership and communication skills in their safety and health professionals.  Understanding key principles of business communication and building strong leadership skills are what make the difference in achieving organizational and individual success. Everyone wants to make good things happen in a demanding, complex work environment and to be seen by management, peers, and subordinates as an exceptional leader....

but how do we do this? Collaborate with Jason to bring this award-winning, top-rated professional development course (PDC) to your team. 

Driving a Culture
of HSE Excellence
*Available Live and Virtually

Premier HSE performance is not only an obligation, it provides a competitive advantage with positive bottom line impacts. Simply put, good safety is good business. In this highly engaging workshop, understand what it takes to begin creating, and then unlocking the benefits of a HSE Culture of Excellence. Leadership creates culture, and culture drives behavior. Thus, the most important cultural improvement opportunity your organization has is to improve your safety and health leadership capability. What steps are you taking to do so?

Everything DiSC: Leadership, Communication, and Teamwork for the HSE Professional
*Available Live and Virtually!

Our research shows that senior leaders and executives require their HSE professionals to be proficient in technical and scientific skills. But, in order to establish a high-performing organizational culture, companies believe safety and health professionals must also demonstrate the ability to lead, influence, and effectively communicate.  Understanding the key principles of leadership, influence, and communication is foundational to achieving high level of performance. Our DiSC workshop enhances your ability to leverage your innate strengths and communication style to more effectively and efficiently collaborate with others, helping you become a more influential, effective, and powerful communicator and leader.